About Us

What We're All About

Tache is an online shop that delivers our products to your comfort
location. The goal is to inject nature into every design that connects with
you every given occasion.

The Origin of Tache

The Tache brand name is sourced from the French word “la tâche” meaning “spot”. My brand draws essence from every spot in nature and the earth, especially natural leather which is reflected in every piece of our designs and apparels. 

My brand is inclusive with designs for ladies and gentlemen for all ages, “must have” children collections with our nature-inspired accessories to complement every occasion.

Charlotte Henderyckx

Brand Creator

Tache Collections is a tribute from a mother to create a beautiful world for her daughter

As brand creator I look into nature to create designs for my clients through the eyes of my daughter.

My daughter inspired my journey into fashion. After her birth all that
occupied my thoughts was to create beautiful things for her without
relying on outsider to do it for me. I know that as a mother no one can
create something exquisite for my baby as much as I can do. So one
day, I got up and got for myself a needle and thread and pieces of fabric,
and every single day I made something for her. I followed it with a small
machine. And here I am today, three years later as a fashion graduate
coming to debut my own fashion collections.


Collection “Houetanou” is the 2020 collection based on sustainability. My focus into nature and design is to avoid the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain ecological balance. I produced this design to give my hometown a unique cultural dressing that identifies my people. While celebrating a festival in my hometown called Houetanou, a festival celebrated to remember our lost ones in the year. Cattle are used killed and served for the celebration. My thought were how I could also contribute towards this festivities that moved away from the normal food and dressing. Mostly because my hometown has no unique cultural dressing. Our dressing imitates that of our Nigerian neighbours. With that aim in mind I made the first leather bag.